I specialize in condo and townhouse sales in the close-in neighborhoods to provide more focus, expertise and to better serve to my clients. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the Westside. Judging by morning traffic (which isn’t that bad in Portland), downtown is where a lot of people spend their day.


Downtown Portland, as with other cities in the US, is the heart of economic life, but unlike many other cities, it is also a vibrant cultural and residential hub. In addition to the residential complexes you’ll find in downtown proper, the city center also supports and is supported by surrounding areas that are both residentially strong and diverse in housing types. I think that there are 3 main reasons for this.

The first reason is convenience. Most people in Portland aren’t interested in spending more than a half an hour getting to or from work. Second, Portland is an environmentally conscious city and there is no better way to save on energy consumption than to live close to your work. Spend a morning sitting on the Hawthorne Bridge and count the number of bicyclists crossing to downtown from the eastside…even in the rain! The third reason is the city’s continued commitment to developing and maintaining a vibrant downtown not only for its residents, but also for tourism. Downtown sits on the west bank of the Willamette River, which divides Portland into Eastside and Westside.

Hawthorne Bridge Over the Willamette River

As I mentioned, downtown supports and is supported by its surrounding areas: the Pearl District, Goose Hollow, Northwest, South Waterfront/John’s Landing, and Old Town/China Town. I won’t do more than mention other close-in areas like Montgomery Park, Council Crest, King’s Heights, Hillside or Healy Heights. These areas are residential neighborhoods that are mostly made up of single-family homes, and some of Portland’s most expensive homes at that. You do occasionally find townhomes and a condo complex or two in these areas but there aren’t enough of them to warrant a full section on each neighborhood. Rest assured that if there is a condo complex in one of these areas (next to Oregon Health Sciences University or on top of the West Hills, for example), I know about it.