Division is constantly changing. The same could be said for any of the southeast retail corridors, Pastini - Great Italian Food at Division and 20thbut Division is advancing the most. This was the last of these three commercial strips to really take flight, but ever since it did, Division has been moving forward at a rapid pace trying to catch up to the economic strides made in the surrounding
residential neighborhoods. Now, on Division, you can find upscale grocery shopping at New Seasons as well as old school businesses like TruValue Hardware and traditional Portland coffee shops.

The Savoy Bistro at Clinton and 25thA couple of blocks south of Division at 26th, you will find the Clinton neighborhood. This is a crossroads that features a couple of cafés, coffee houses and upscale bistros in addition to a Hawaiian barbeque restaurant and the Clinton Theater, which shows indy films in addition to the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night at midnight. The video store at 25th and Clinton rents mostly independent films and fits right in with this independently minded neighborhood. Under construction right now at 26th and Division are the Clinton Condominiums, a Japanese looking complex with straight lines and square accents holding 27 condos and 1st floor retail space.

The Clinton Lofts