Belmont is pretty similar to Hawthorne but a little smaller and more intimate. It’s constantly in motion, though. The heart of Belmont is found at the stoplight at 34th. Within a 4 block radius, you can find upscale grocery shopping at Zupan’s, live jazz music at the Blue Monk, several coffee houses and great cafes like the Cricket Café, the Pied Cow coffee house and the vegan friendly diner, the Paradox Café.

The Peid Cow Coffee HouseOne of my favorite places on Belmont (at 30th) is the Traditional Taekwon-do Kwon (school) where I typically spend 8-10 hours per week. Right next to the school is a great coffee joint, Muddy Waters, which often has live entertainment in the evenings. Belmont has a lot of developments in the works which will bring new commercial anchors to the area. At 21st and Belmont, you’ll find the 2121 Belmont building.
This 5-story, 123 unit complex started out as condominiums but was recently re-routed to apartments in April of ’08. A smaller condo complex (the Belmont East) also with retail on the first floor is under construction at 38th and Belmont. These two buildings will compliment some of the existing complexes in the area: the ultra modern Belmont Lofts (at 35th), the Andria Condominiums and others.

Red Square Coffe House