The Sacramento Lofts

Located on NE Sacramento Street between MLK and NE 7th Avenue, these lofts have a convenient location without being in the middle of the Lloyd Area’s hubbub.

Sacramento LoftsThe Sacramento Lofts are an 8 unit condominium associations with lots of “green” finishes. Every once in a while I come across condo projects that are clearly a labor of love, and this is one of them. These 4 story, townhome style condos exhibit the tremendous amount of thought and care that the developers put into them. The floor plans are well thought out and very versatile. With 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms and tons of finished living space, these condos meet modern living expectations.

Highlights for me were the second floor, which features a balcony with large glass doors that, when opened, flow from the living room to the balcony effectively marrying the two spaces together. I also loved the 4th floor rooftop deck. Each unit has different sized decks (many with city skyline views) ranging from about 200-450 square feet.

Sacramento Lofts - Rooftop Deck

One complaint that I often hear about townhouses, is about the stairs. Usually you park in the first floor garage and then have to haul your groceries up to the second level, where the kitchen is usually located. As people get older, they’re not as excited about going up and down stairs all day long, and this aversion can take a lot of people out of the buyer’s pool when it comes time to sell your townhouse. The developers dealt with this problem by installing a 4 floor elevator in each unit. I’ve only seen this once before in Portland (in the West Hills) and my gut reaction upon hearing this was that the maintenance would be costly and a real pain. The listing agent laid out the maintenance plan for me and it seemed neither too expensive nor too involved.

Sacramento Lofts - Courtyard

Not counting the rooftop deck, the price per square foot of these units is pretty good. Considering the expensive finishes throughout these properties and the cost of green construction, I felt that these condos were very competitively priced.