Northeast – The Lloyd Area

The Lloyd area is on the East bank of the Willamette River across from Old Town and the Pearl District. Its central location and its quick access to downtown make this a desirable area as both a place to do business and a place to live.

Here, you will find a mix of financial, retail, hotels, condos and single-family homes. There are a few mid-sized corporate towers, one of which is the area HQ for Kaiser. Others are filled with businesses like title companies, banks, insurance companies and even the Regional Multiple Listing Service for real estate.

The two biggest anchors in this area are the Lloyd Center Mall and the Rose Garden, which is our big concert hall/sports venue. The Rose Garden is where our NBA team, the Trailblazers, and our ice hockey team, the Winterhawks, play. The Lloyd Center Mall is exactly what it sounds like. This 3-The Lloyd Center Ice Rinkstory mall features a large indoor ice rink (where Tanya Harding first learned to skate) and retail magnates, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Sears. Broadway and Weidler streets are full of eateries and stand alone shops. Bright spots include the Cadillac Café (Broadway and 18th) and Milo’s at 14th (I recommend their Eggs Benedict). I also like the Italian restaurant Pastini (at 15th), which is a local chain with 4 locations in Portland.

The Birkenstock ShopIn addition to restaurants and the usual filler of boutiques and coffee shops, the Lloyd area is home to the Lloyd Athletic Club, which has several racquet ball and hand ball courts. Public transportation in this area is excellent. Access to Portland’s light rail plus several bus lines make getting downtown a snap. There are two bridges between Lloyd and the other side of the river, and one of them (the Steel Bridge) is the only downtown bridge that doesn’t rise to stop car traffic when ships come in. Downtown’s “fare-less square” extends into parts of the Lloyd area. That means that depending on where you get on the bus or train, you can ride downtown for free!

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