Portland’s Close-in East Side

Irvington sign, Portland, OregonPortland’s close-in eastside has two flavors. The first is the Lloyd/Irvington area, which is thick with restaurants, businesses and a couple of medium sized towers filled with office suites. This area has great public transportation and some of the close-in eastside’s largest condo complexes. The majority of the eastside, however, is made up of Portland’s “Bungalow Belt” and its various pocket neighborhoods: Hawthorne, Belmont, Division, 28th Avenue, Clinton, Alberta and Mississippi.

There is more to Portland than the areas described in these pages. You can find great condo complexes all over Portland, and I’ve done transactions in many different Portland area neighborhoods: N Portland, Gateway and Clackamas Town Center, to name a few. I choose, however, to specialize in the close-in areas in order to narrow my focus and bring sharper expertise to my clients. If you’re considering an area outside of my specialization, let me know, and I’ll refer you to someone who knows that area better than I do!