Ron is the condo and townhouse specialist for Portland’s downtown and other condo-centric neighborhoods, like Orenco Station and Mountain Park. Having this sharper focus gives him a more intimate knowledge of the Portland condominium market — which is something that he readily pass along to his clients, making sure that they get the home they want or sell their home as quickly as possible, all while keeping the most money in their pockets.

About half of Ron’s business is still in single family homes. Many people sell their big homes and right-size to “no sweat” living in a condo. So, if you need to sell a single family home, he’s here for you.

Go ahead and explore the site and be sure to check out the Neighborhoods links to learn a little about some of the areas that are Ron’s specialty. Hopefully you’ll recognize parts of your own Portland in the descriptions. If you’re just discovering this neck of the woods, then this is a great place to start exploring.